Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I help moms and busy women find health and energy by ditching the diet and transitioning to a plant based lifestyle. 


Download One of My Powerful Cheat Sheets to Make Going Plant Based Simple, Fun, and Delicious.

10 Tips for Going Plant Based

You've heard the hype and maybe you're plant curious but you don't know where to start. You're in the right place.

Plant Based, Party of One

Still getting your family on board? No problem! Download this plant based meal plan and use it just for you or along with family meals. 

Becoming a Plant based Family

Yes, it can be done! Even your mac & cheese loving kids can adopt (and love) this lifestyle. 

Through her best-selling plant based courses (7-Day Plant Based, Feel Great, Plant Based for Life), thriving Facebook community and blog, Stephanie inspires small, sustainable changes that transform her client's health.

She proves that by moving away from fad diets and into lifestyle change, even the most skeptical women can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, and instead create delicious meals as they transition to a plant based lifestyle.

Raise your hand if you think there is more to being health than just eating well. Yeah, me too!

A healthy lifestyle goes way beyond the food you eat. Without proper sleep and a regular workout routine you are missing a big piece of the puzzle. Meditation and other forms of self care should also not be overlooked. 

Check out the blog for some can't miss posts along with free workout guides and meditations to download.

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